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Tips For Eliminating Junk Mail (Regular & Email)

Note:  Advertisers usually prepare their mailing several weeks to several months iin advance so, even though you unsubscribe, you may still get their mailings a little while longer.

Tip:  Write down which advertisers you unsubscribed to with the date so you can track which ones need follow up.  You might also be surprised how much junk mail  you are releasing.  I helped on of my clients get off of 178 different lists.

It's really simple!  Instead of just moving that email to trash, take a moment, open it up and scoll to the bottom.  There will be a small "unsubscribe" link somewhere at the bottom.  It only take an extra moment.  Warning:  Only do this to emails where you know the send.

If you receive "SPAM" mail you can set up a filter to have it skip your inbox completely.  When you are in your email program, click the Help button and type in "set up a filter" (do not include the quotes) and follow their directions.

Phone App For Unsubscribing
There's an app for unsubscribing.  This only works on smart phones.  It's called Paper Karma.
Check it out!

National Do Not Call Registry
Call (888) 382-1222 from the phone number you want to opt out.

Opt Out of Prescreened Credit & Insurance Offers (5 years or Permanently)
Call (888) 5OptOut or (888-567-8688)
This is an automated system.  You will be asked to provide your Social Security Number to complete this opt out.

Direct Marketing Association (DMA) Opt Out
Only companies associated with the DMA will comply to your request.

Mail Preference Service will reduce mail such as catalogs and some prospect mailing lists.

Email List Opt out. This list will get you off of some mailing lists and may help reduce some unwanted commercial email. Online form: Good for five years. This list will not act as a total cure for spam. 

Deceased Do Not Contact List. By signing up for this list, you will remove the names of deceased individuals from marketing lists. Online form:

Bank/Financial Institutions Opt Out
(This section applies to banks, credit card companies, brokerage firms, insurance companies and other financial institutions.)

Every year you receive their privacy statement in the mail.  They always indicate how you can opt out of their advertising.  You can also do a search on their website for "opt out" and follow their instructions. A typical search would be "Citibank Opt Out" or "Chase Opt Out".  For additional information click here.

To unsubscribe from a variety of catalogs use this link:  Catalog Choice


Write on their donation card, next to your address, "Please remove me from your mailing list" and send it back to them.
(Note:  If you enjoy donating to a particular charity but they send you too many mailers write instead, "Please send me a donation form only twice a year" or "Please send me a donation form in the spring and winter."  Many charities have the ability to control their mailings, all you need to do is ask.)

Grocery Store Papers
It is very difficult to unsubscribe from these throw away papers.  You may need to send a request multiple times over multiple months. (Note:  Once you unsubscribe it may take a few weeks for it to take effect because these companies print their mailings weeks in advance.)  

Do a search on the Internet to find out who to contact to opt out.  You typically need to send an email to a privacy officer or marketing department of the company.   A typical search would be "Albertsons Opt Out" or "Vons Opt Out".

Glossy Home Improvement Catalogs
It is almost impossible to unsubscribe from these catalogs.  It usually takes many attempts over many months but eventually you may be successful.

Red Plum             Opt Out
Smart Saver         Opt Out
HomeConcepts     Call (855) 567-4663 (toll free number)

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