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Custom Services

Setup Home and Office Organizational Systems
Create custom systems, identify and recommend storage solutions specific to your needs, utilizing and maximiizing existing space and increasing productivity and workflow.  It's not about me, it's about you!  I only create systems that work for your personality, not mine!

Declutter Homes in Preparation for Sale
Fast, reliable service to make a home ready for sale. Tasks can include decluttering for staging to full estate sale readiness.

Paper and Electronic Clutter
Create a workflow using filing and electronic systems so it's easy to find and retrieve documents, which will save you time and money.

Money Management
Create systems to pay your bills so you never have a late charge.  Help you reduce your expenses by reviewing your bills and renegotiating lower rates where possible.

Clutter Control
Eliminate clutter and assist you in sorting, purging, re-examining and maximizing existing storage space as well as recommending additional solutions.  I will also provide tips on maintaining personal organization after project has concluded.

Follow Up Services
Provide periodic check-in to fine tune the systems that been set up.  Provide quick solutions for unseen situations that pop up.

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